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Wingin' It

by Georgia Rae

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Kelly Kazoo 03:36
Kelly Kazoo went to the zoo in a coo co canoe to visit the kangaroos she met a crew of caribou and a few cockatoo. the visit was overdue and then they all sang yahoo Kelly Kazoo knew that this was taboo, wanted a break through, so much to live up to theres no way to undo, you just gotta push through. even if you're feelin' blue don't change this point of view Kelly Kazoo whatcha gonna do?you've come into a knew you This is your debut so tie your shoes and get a knew hair do we're going to Peru to see the sneak preview I just want tot write a good song play it all night long with Kelly Kazoo Kelly Kazoo went to the zoo in a coo coo canoe to visit the kangaroos she met a crew of caribou and a few cockatoo. the visit was overdue and then they had deja vu
Insomniac Coyote lie low this foggy morning solitaire and lonely booking 'cross the prairie searching for a refuge someplace that's far away restless, uneasy, Insomniac Coyote Footsteps close behind you, they're gonna find you don't shut your eyes just yet, I swear you wont regret it erase from your memory the pack you left behind just take it easy Insomniac Coyote They pushed you out into the cold and now you're on your own once filled with tolerance and light, now your heart is stone scour the horizon before you think to run where are you going insomniac coyote Insomniac Coyote where are you going? restless and uneasy Insomniac Coyote where are you going? booking 'cross the prairie
Wingin' It 03:04
There's a wall of clouds in the distance it inspires me to be consistent then I realize that like the clouds we cannot help but to shift around we can try our best to stay the same gusty winds and pressure will change the game One drop, two drop, three drop, four now its pouring over top this is something i can't ignore I can't wait but I can wait to see what else there is in store I am hesitant but confident there will be so much more You said forward never straight I wont look back wont even hesitate life takes note when you plan ahead throwing curveballs sayin how's this instead I'll look life in the eye and say BRING IT BECAUSE I'LL NEVER FLY IF I DONT WING IT
Buffalopilar Tortugus Buffalopilar Tortugus Buffalopilar Tortugus from planet Bapabadoowa got 700suns and 700 seas and 700 legs, its 700 degrees Buffalopilar Tortugus hes got a lot go legs so he can move fast across the desert of someones past Buffalopilar Tortugus on a quest to find the last because he’s lonely, he’s the only as the end of his crusade draws nigh Buffalopilar Tortugus dont die!
Overslept 02:58
I overslept two hours wish I could've had two more hours it's been a week since I got some sleep now I'm tired of being so damn tired I find it difficult to sleep at normal hours well I'm awake to see the first sight of the sun no you can't stop me when I'm having this much fun I hear the first bird callin at about 5 in the mornin and I must confess I feel refreshed, not a bit depressed Im making progress yes, these feelings are hard to express never the less I should get some rest It's 6:15 I don't need any caffeine my situation is radical, never thought it was possible that I'd be so awake with all that I have at stake now its yesterday's tomorrow and there's no more rest to borrow living in the moment never seems to get old with endless possibilities that keep you on your toes
Holden Nosleeves where's your family? chocolate city, where do you sleep? riding the rails, where do you hail? dark brown curly hair, is there a minute to spare to tell me you story in all of its glory I hear singing in my state of dreaming walking through the forest the answers are before us thats what Holden said as he led us straight ahead past the mossy oak tree and the endless flowing stream he can hear the rain falling down before it even hits the ground


released March 10, 2018


all rights reserved



Georgia Rae Richmond, Illinois

Georgia Rae has discovered the magic of the loop pedal and opened a treasure trove of original material. Quirky and catchy, these songs will invade your life if you let them. With a jazzy feel to her bow, Georgia Rae’s music and love for life will follow you out the door and into the next day. ... more

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